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2 Corinthian 5:7
We Walk.... by Faith and Not.... by Sight.


Governing Apostle Blossom v. Brackman





As a seasoned solider in God's Army, Prophetess Brackman's story is amazing and wonderful. Blossom was born in Birmingham, England. Blossom is living proof that what God has blessed, no man can curse. 


Blossom Brackman was ordained as a Prophetess in 2007 and was commissioned by Israel as a watchman on the wall in the fall of 2006. Prophetess Blossom also holds an Prophetic Apostolic Ordination by Christian International Apostolic Network,founder Prophet Bill Hamon and  a ordained Ministry License by Kingsway Fellowship International located in Des Moines, Iowa.


Thoughout her life she struggled with physical, emotion and spiritual abuse and was healed, in one day after an encounter with God. Her two and a half pack a day cigarette habit also disappeared and her testimony does not stop there. Later in life she was diagnosed with bladder cancer. When the surgeon scheduled a biopsy to remove it, there was no cancer! 


In addition to her physical and emotional experiences and great effort to overcome life’s difficulties, she was also stricken with Hepatitis C. Only by God’s miraculous hand, she was completely healed. Prophetess Brackman stands as a testimony of what the power of God can do. 


Blossom has 1 daughter and 3 grandchildren who she loves dearly.


Her passion for Christ has taken her to the streets, to the land of Israel, and all the way to Capitol Hill. Her resume is impressive; street ministry, associate pastor, pastor,  apostle, biblical counselor, teacher, radio ministry, television ministry, and author are just a few of her accomplishments.


Prophetic Apostle  Blossom Brackman accomplishments include:

  • Founder and Chairperson for Walking with God Ministry International, Inc.
  • President and founder of  Women of Sovereign Network
  • President and founder of Men of Sovereign Authority in Action
  • President and founder of The Open Veil Congress of the Holy Spirit,
  • President and founder of  "We Love You Israel" State Special event
  • President and founder of  Walking with God Kingdom Institute – Mini-Bible Certificate School that teaches on the prophetic gifts, and the gifts for the body of Christ in order to prepare and send forth apostles to bring Christ love, the uncompromised truth of His word and His heart to the world.
  • Executive Director of "Calling All Nations"  Kingdom Building in the Spirit of Unity.


The dreams and passion of her heart is to be a contagious Christian that can teach others how to walk with God in faith and wisdom, supporting individuals with the challenges of life through biblical counseling, seminars, praise  and worship, art conferences, preaching and teaching also a motivation speaker by sharing her testimony, teaching people how to walk with God, being a loving mother, building life in leaders, Holy Spirit led writing of booklets of God’s faithfulness and love.

Apostle Blossom has over 15 years equipping saints to do the work of the ministry, She is recognized as a National and International minister to the body of Christ.

Apostle Blossom  is also a leader  to multiple USA  network ministries and Internationally Churches and is  privileged with prophetic spiritual Parent, Prophetic Ministers Bill and Pam Ulmer of Insight Ministries Columbus Ohio.

Apostle Blossom  is fueled by the vision God has given her to teach the Nations how to walk with God.



Home Church
Giving Light Fellowship Ministry
Pastor Steven and Dr. Melody Hilton
Elizabeth, Pa 

Blossom's  Spiritual parents:

Ordained Ministers Bill and Pam Ulmer 

Marion Christian Center, Marion Ohio


Blossom's Teachers -
Marion  Christian Center, Marion Ohio

Prophet/Prophetees Jim & Judy Stevens 

Rev: Ernie & Marie Velazco

Dr. John & Pat Watson

Apostles/Prophets Greg & Sandy Burkett

Dr. Apostle Lafayette Scales  -  Rhema Christian Center, Columbus Ohio 


Chartered under:

Kingways Fellowship International, Des Iowa